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Ughtasar's rock images are situated about 25 km North to the Sisian, at the central part of the Syunik Highland, in the site between Black and Al lakes 3300 meters above sea level. The road to this monument is almost impassable and available only during June-September. These rock testimonies of Armenian forefathers are approximately dated 5-2 millenium B.C. These are carved on more than a thousand laid stones and depicted people at hunting, working, worshipping. There are depictions of domestic and wild animals, terrestrial bodies, cosmic and other suchlike images. There are many inexpressible outlines as well. The rock images are the prototypes of manuscripts, which pass the whole and completed events through interrelated images and enable us to reveal the ancient people's living, worldview and skills. Ughtasar's rock images are of worldwide importance monuments, which reveal the cultural sources of Armenian nation. It is one of the loveliest sightseeing for tourists. During past 8-9 years many tourists have reached this almost impassable site end enjoyed both the archaic stone images and the picturesque surrounding with cold water sources.