Hotel "DINA" is open every day to provide you with a relaxing environment and high quality service.
We wish you a pleasant stay at hotel "DINA"

Simplicity and elegance. The room is air-conditioned and equipped with satellite TV, direct dial international phone, a large bed. It has all the necessary facilities to feel oneself easy at home. Price includes breakfast: 7000 AMD.

Very spacious room, equipped with twin bed, sofa, armchairs, satellite TV and telephone. Price includes breakfast: 11000 AMD. 

24 hour room service, satellite TV, internet, air conditioners, fully equipped bathrooms, laundry service, direct international line will contribute to make your stay with us pleasant and memorable one.






In the evening, having a hot or cold shower, /constant and twenty-four hour/ having tasted the rich choice of national dishes of Armenian kitchen and you will enjoy the calm and quiet night of the town.