Dina Hotel

About Us

Situated on the picturesque banks of the River Vorotan , in one of the cozy corners of SYUNIK highlands 1650m above sea level, Sisian lives with its contemporary charm. From the top of the mountain, the 6-th Century church is towering over the town, which seems to be in your palm, and in the distance you can admire the dance of high mountains, that surround the town.

Just In the Center of the town next to the central square Sisak Nahapet, is the first Hotel “DINA”. The administration of the Hotel “DINA” will open a new world for you. Starting at “Zorats stones” / 5-6 centuries B.C/ the next station at Saki Waterfall, then from majestic Sisavan-to Monastery Vorotnavank –Vorotnaberd Bridge - Vorotan-Pearl of Shamb’s Reservoir Memorials of Aghitu and Angeghakot, the Museum of History of Sisian, the Gallery of Modern Art, and you may have a rest next to the ancient rocks tasting delight of Armenian barbecue.

“DINA” promises hiking as well, to Tatev Monastery /Middle Ages./ through Devil Bridge-using our means of transportation accompanied by guides and interpreters.

In the evening, having a hot or cold shower ,/constant and twenty-four hour/ having tasted the rich choice of national dishes of Armenian kitchen and you will enjoy the calm and quiet night of the town.

The hotel has a parking space, and satellite programs, International Telephone Line.

Hotel “DINA” is open every day to provide you with a relaxing environment and high quality service .

Enjoy ”DINA”‘s fascination and charm.